Mark Ryan is without doubt the most approachable solicitor I’ve ever met, explains everything in layman’s terms and carry’s out every piece of work with an unmatched level of professionalism.

– Ben Kent Brown

Mark has been my legal advisor for over 7 years and he has never let me down. Advice always in plain english. Mark has helped me with personal and business matters and i cannot recommend him enough.

– Benjamin Rowlands

The service I received was excellent. Mark Ryan made it so easy for me. He is always willing to help when asked, he is the nicest Solicitor I have ever had contact with and I would definitely recommend him to others without a second thought.

Barbara Ward

I have used a number of Solicitors over the years but have never come across somebody as good as Mark Ryan. He give good sound advice and speaks common sense in plain English and always quotes his fees in advance so that you know exactly where you are! Highly recommended.

– Tony Doyle

I was totally out of my depth after the death of my fiancee. in 2010. Mark took as much control as I wanted him to (because I wanted to be involved too). Mark completely sorted all the legal probate requirements without any hassle or problems at all. No matter what your legal conundrum may be, speak with Mark, the first solicitor I’ve ever met who who calls a spade a spade!

– Andy G

Everyone needs a good lawyer, even another lawyer. As a property lawyer, I spend my days advising my clients on the sometimes arcane intricacies of property law. But I know what I don’t know, and when it comes to areas of law outside my speciality, I turn to Mark Ryan of Mark L Ryan Solicitors.

Mark is that rarest of all lawyers. He is a practical lawyer. He doesn’t attempt to blind his client with legal jargon. He delivers sound, practical, commercially-minded legal advice. And he delivers it in a timely manner – there’s no waiting for days while a letter ‘comes out to me,’ – when I need legal advice, Mark is there by telephone and email to deliver it.

Most importantly, Mark is a true advocate. He believes in his clients, and represents their interests with eloquence and passion.

Thank you to Mark Ryan for being that rarest of things, a really good lawyer!

Pamela R. O’Brien

Mark Ryan has given me legal advice regarding a number of issues for over 5 years. I would certainly recommend him, and have done so to friends and colleagues. His advice is well considered and he is very efficient. I cannot praise him highly enough.

– Anne Harriss

Fantastic service, every thing was explained in plain English, will only ever use mark from now on for all my problems and will definitely recommend Mark to all my friends and family.

Alan Pickering

Best lawyers firm going!

– Kyle Horrocks

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