“I came to Mark with a Probate problem another Solicitor told me couldn’t be sorted out the way I wanted. Mark not only found a solution, he sorted everything out in a matter of months and at a very reasonable cost”.

 Mr F, Lancashire.



“I was referred to Mark by my Accountant when my ex & I separated. Mark predicted what the outcome would be at our very first meeting and he handled everything personally, even doing the Court hearings in London when the other side hired a barrister. The end result was exactly as he’d predicted and my final legal bill was about a third of my ex’s!”.

Mr S, Cambs.



“I was given Mark’s details by another Solicitor and rang him when I received a nasty Solicitors’ letter about a business dispute. Mark shot the other side down in flames very quickly and I never heard another word about it. Brilliant!”.

 Mr Y, Birkenhead.



“Mark has dealt with all my family’s business legal affairs for many years. There is nothing he doesn’t sort out, exactly when he says, how he says, and for the price he says”.

Mr J, Cheshire