With over 20 years’ experience and an overwhelming desire to provide a personalised one-to-one service to his clients, Mark felt that the time was right in 2010 to establish his own practice.


His training, education and experience encompasses a broad spectrum of legal services - compared with all too many of today’s graduates who tend to specialise in just one particular discipline, meaning that clients with complex issues have to deal with many different departments and consequently miss out on the opportunity to develop a personal but professional relationship.


Mark’s career progress has been remarkable having become a Partner in a well-known Manchester law firm in 1995 at the age of just 26. Mark ultimately rose to become Senior Partner of that firm. Mark has been head-hunted on a number of occasions by other law firms which is further testament to his dedicated work ethic, his common sense approach to problem solving and his focus in getting a result for his clients.


The facts speak for themselves in that the core of Mark’s current clientele is referred to him by fellow professionals, including other Solicitors (a number of whom have themselves sought Mark’s help and advice for their own problems), who know full well that they too will be dealt with discreetly and with the utmost professionalism.


Running his own practice means that Mark is deliberately selective in both the work and clients that he takes on because he will never compromise the quality of service he gives. But that does not mean that Mark abandons other people who ask for his help but instead Mark works closely with a select network of other professionals who he implicitly trusts to offer the same quality service as he would. For example, Mark does not accept Criminal Law cases, Immigration cases or any Legal Aid cases; for all of these matters, Mark can put you in touch with an alternate qualified and trustworthy specialist Solicitor.


Mark offers a free initial interview without any obligation at all and always gives advice in plain English.







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